5 Home Décor Ideas for Interesting Outlook of Houses

A home is a place where you spend a considerable amount of time.  Even if you have a furnished house on rent, you still want to accentuate space with your personal touch.  No matter where you go, you always come back to it. It’s well said that home is not a place, it’s a feeling!



To make this feeling more homey and interesting, today we bring about a few ideas to renovate your house. If you’re on a tight budget and have lesser time,  these home décor ideas will transform your ordinary bedroom into something modern, classy, or luxurious.



With just a simple accent wall or a table lamp, change the feel of your home and be on trendy.



Set Up a Reading Spot




If you’re a book lover, this idea will appeal to you the most. You can turn any room into a reading space with some interesting furniture.



If you don’t have a separate room no worries because you can transform your lounge for a double purpose.  It will also entertain your guests and be a cozy spot for your book reading.



Furnish Your Windows





Setting windows up with cute curtains or some accessory can revamp your home.  Many furnished houses for rent in DHA already have a window space with a modern touch.



You can set fairy lights or indoor plants to make the space cool and comforting.  This is the modern trend and can be easily implemented without going overboard.



Stylize Your Book Shelf




If you have a bookshelf, don’t just place books in a linear order, stylize it with different patterns and decoration pieces.



You can have a comfy chair alongside and give a cohesive look. If the ready rack is of monotonous color, different colors of books will pop out and make the place gorgeous.



Of course, it will also not be a violation of the rental rules.



Spice Up Your Hallway




If your house has a hallway or an entryway, don’t leave it like that. Instead, try decorating it with some paintings and wall hangings.



Place a side table alongside the wall and put some sculpture or a flowerpot for color. It will instantly give a fresh and posh atmosphere as you step into the house.



Introduce Different Pillows to Your Furniture




Stacking pillows of different colors and patterns onto your bed or living room gives a colorful punch to the eyes. It is indeed catchy as well as comfortable for a homey environment. Plus, it doesn’t cost much, so you can even change pillow covers after several months.



These are five easy and up-to-date home décor ideas, which can be applied everywhere and under every budget.  Moreover, the landlords of furnished houses for rent in Lahore won’t have a problem with any of these.



If you have any décor ideas, share it with us. J



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