6 Things You Should Discuss Before Renting a Furnished House in Lahore

Due to financial instability, the nature of the job, or the desire to move to a secure, luxurious location, the demand for furnished houses DHA for rent in Lahore has gotten up in recent years. However, the competition in real estate can often leave tenants with a bitter taste in their mouths due to simple mistakes.

Landlords or fraudulent real estate dealers trap them with sentences like; you’ll not get a better place than this in your budget. And, there you go, potential renters, instead of making the decision carefully, seal the deal in hurry.

Although the conditions for renting a furnished house are different from furnished apartments for rent in DHA, however, some mistakes can be costly afterward, and being informed about them is a better decision.

Signing a Lease without Reading



No matter how much you’re in a hurry or how trendy the property looks, never sign the papers without a thorough read. Ask every question about what utilities will be paid within the rent or will the rent multiply for added utilities.

Don’t just give it a go on-site but take your document home and discuss it with a friend or family member, who has an experience in leasing furnished houses for rent in DHA. If something doesn’t feel right, feel free to ask, clarify, and restore your tenants’ rights.

Don’t Rush for Buying a House, if you don’t Like It Truly



If you wish to sublet your rental property or have reservations regarding the repair responsibilities, don’t expect it to settle afterward. Instead, negotiate with the landlord before signing the deal and have a good rental-landlord relationship throughout.

Not Taking Pictures of Furnished Houses for Rent While Moving In


Okay! Now, this is not an important rule, but having proof of the condition of the property while you move in saves you when you get in trouble with the landlord.

If the property has pre-existing damages, make sure that the landlord has a list for it or you personally take responsibility. If the landlord has promised to repair any damages, get it in writing on the official papers.

Not Checking Out the Location of the Rental Facility


It is important to not just rely on the landlord’s words and research your potential house beforehand. Before signing the deal, reach out to your potential neighbors, and verify the security of the house for rent unless you have a reliable real estate property dealer.

That’s why at IHA Rent, before any site seeing, we ensure every security aspect for our clients. So they don’t have to run here and there for details. Our success stories speak for our commitment to this industry and of course, we ensure that everything is in order in advance to satisfy our clients’ demands.

Not Visiting With Your Roommates or Family


Just because you like a place doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody likes it. If you’re going to move in with a roomie or a family, try to get everybody’s approval. It also helps in ruling out even those issues that you might seem normal or minor.

Not Getting a Copy of the Contract

We can’t stress enough how important is to have a move-in checklist and official rental agreement with you. It’s for the renter’s security and it will help you reach a consensus if you and the landlord get into any argument.

These are just simple mistakes, however, can’t be taken lightly. We have seen people get into trouble solely because they trusted on landlord’s words. Getting a furnished house on rent in Lahore obviously requires investment so, be sure to when to say yes to the house!

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