7 Tips for Tenants before Finding a Furnished House on Rent

Are you looking for a furnished house on rent?

Or have you found your dream accommodation that is furnished apartment for rent in Lahore? If so, this article sums up some tips that will help tenants know their rights.

So, let’s get started.


Be Prepared with Paperwork


While signing a deal for a furnished house on rent or in talking terms with the landlord, be prepared with all the necessary information.

Bring all your documents that are complete rental application form with accurate information, references of previous landlords, and colleagues along with your income statement.


Review Lease Papers Thoroughly


Don’t go for the spoken promises and facts; instead, review all the lease documents before signing.

Via this practice, if a tenant finds an unacceptable provision, he/she can change it in time. For Instance, the restrictions about pets or running a small business.

Also, the tenant should have an understanding of how much time they will have before eviction.


Document Everything


IHA Rent highly recommends that before saying yes to the furnished house for rent in DHA or any other area, document each and every detail. Even if you have decided upon something verbally, ask your landlord to state it in written format so there remains no confusion afterward.

Misinformation and misunderstanding cause problems majorly in areas of maintenance and repairing. So, it’s advisable to approach things in a proper manner.


Protect your Privacy Rules


Other than security and maintenance problems are privacy issues. Often tenants and landlords have a dispute over which areas can landlord access without permission and which not.

Keep in writing about such restrictions and protect your privacy rules beforehand if you’re uncomfortable with any access. Also, you can set rules to what time, the landlord can come to the place and with prior notice, etc.


Set Rules for Repairs


Before getting keys to a furnished apartment for rent in DHA, make sure to ask and check if it has all the necessities. Often landlords trick tenants into paying for the electricity supply and other amenities. Although, unless not stated before, it is the responsibility of the landlord to offer everything a furnished house should have.

Moreover, if the house is not in a comfortable condition to live in, ensure if you have to pay the expenses to make repairs to the house. Be clear about your expenses and repairs.


Be Vocal About Your Problems


Tenants should be vocal about their problems if they come across any. Talk to the landlord if the tenant requires a repair urgently.


Be Clear About Security Deposits



It is advisable to protect the rights on use or refund of the security deposits. Check all the damages and records with the landlord. In this way, after your moving out process, there will be no nasty communication.

IHA Rent being a reliable online real estate dealer is been dealing with tenants for quite a time. We ensure that the tenants and landlords establish a good relationship without compromising the quality of the rental service.

So keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind, start looking for a furnished house on rent in DHA for comfortable accommodation.

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