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A Guide to Rental Application Process for a Furnished House

It’s another debate that either renting a furnished house is better or buying a new one. However, there are people, who find the option of renting a house easy and affordable.


Either someone get a furnished house via a property dealer, or through a website. The application process to rent a house is quite lengthy, and often, potential renters find this process difficult to understand.


In this article, you’ll learn that after finding a suitable place to rent, what things you need to do. Let’s unveil what things to expect in the application process before renting a furnished house.


Fill Out the Application Form


The basic obligation before renting a house is to fill out the application form. There can be online forms for that, but most of the property dealers require a one-on-one discussion session, where the tenant is asked to provide information.


Based on the information required by the company, every form is different. However, given below is the list of information that most dealers require from you when you finalize the deal for a furnished house.


Name, Address, Photo, CNIC, Background information, Income information and more.


Some Companies Go for Back Ground Checks


Renters should expect background checks from the furnished house owner or the company.


It’s natural as they are going to trust you with their house.


Prove you’re Able to Pay Rent of a Furnished House


It is an important step, otherwise; you won’t be able to rent the house. Generally, landlords want a validation that the renters will pay the rent on time. This step may require the income slip, bank statement, and such.


Seal the Deal & Sign Lease Papers


When you’re done with the application form and the verification process; check the terms and conditions and premises of the furnished house. After making the decision that you want to live in a particular furnished house, sign the lease papers.


All of the payment related matters such as, down payment and security charges are discussed in this stage. Sometimes, you’re asked to pay upfront for 2-3 months, in case you fall behind the payment dates.


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