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The story of your life switches to supersonic mode with IHARent.com.

The system makes it look effortless to find your next destination home with state-of-the-art search algorithms applied to key areas.

A beautiful home is a few steps away. Choose yourself, or let us choose it for you, the choice is yours!

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What is IHA Rent?

IHA stands for “Immediate Home Accommodation”. IHA Rent speeds up the home search and realizes the concept of ‘ready to live’ furnished homes. In other words, we help customers find furnished homes on rent.

100% Customer-Driven

IHA Rent delivers and facilitates anyone who wants our services. Whether you are in Lahore or coming from a place outside Lahore, we cater to your comfort in the best manner. Customer-friendly attitude builds long-term relationships.

A Safe Haven for House Searchers

IHA leads the search for furnished facilities most suitable for you. Notwithstanding the intense property circle of Pakistan, IHA Rent comes to the rescue of genuine buyers by connecting them to their destination homes.

History of the Business

The history of this business goes back to my ancestors who managed land agreements as part of their life’s mission regardless of the obstacles that came in the way. Despite having all odds against us, my elders picked the righteous side and stayed morally answerable.

A Sign of Hope in the Bleak Present

IHA offers comfort in testing times when you are sick and tired of looking but couldn’t find a suitable place. When you are a misfit in the current landscape, and things are looking hazy, IHA Rent takes you back to safety.

Veteran Property Establishment

The fierce battle between legit property registries and forged papers is not something new to us and I grew up observing the rise and fall of the property industry. Hence, as a family business, it is our job to connect you with value for money homes.

Real Estate vs. Virtual World

It was not until May 2019 that we decided to launch a fully functional website. Since technology & IT are prerequisites, and you want to connect with a larger audience, a website opens the hidden doors to opportunities.

Apply Filters or Options to Navigate

The homepage is equipped with data fields for you to enter information as it asks you for preferences before searching the database. IHA finds you the place in an area you love through filters. Start the search for your dream home now.

What Do We Do?

The five categories of people we entertain are:

  • Buyers looking to settle in
  • Tenants looking for a place to rent
  • Investors looking to invest
  • People looking for furnished homes
  • Event planners, party organizers for birthdays, weddings and other memorable occasions

If you fall in any of the above categories, we’ll be happy to assist you and be your permanent real estate advisers.

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