Cleaning Spree Diaries: Be Extra Careful This Eid-ul-Azha & Stay Safe

Eid-ul-Azha where promotes the spirit of sharing and caring. Although our religion encourages cleanliness and discipline, still every other corner, parking lot, and road presents a not-so-pleasant site.  In these times, when we are fighting a deadly virus, uncleanliness and unhygienic ways can pose a serious threat to community health.

Of course, we are unable to enjoy Eid celebrations like last year, but the severity of the situation taught us the importance of hygiene and sanitization now more than ever. Therefore, we must abide by cleanliness practices more strictly this year to avoid any chance of infection exposure.

Sterilize the Tools


This Eid, you have to be extra careful while sacrificing the animal and displacing the meat. You can transfer germs if the tools or sacrificial place is not sterilized enough.  For this purpose, sterilize the knife in babbling hot water for ten to fifteen minutes.

Sterilization will kill all the lurking germs and bacteria on the knife that might be transferred to the meat.

After that, wash the sharpened knife with chlorine-enriched tap water.

Sanitize the Place


A clean place is equally important to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria. We suggest cleaning the whole area with bleach or disinfectant. After the slaughtering, sanitize the area with some household antiseptic detergent to avoid bugs and flies coming around to the place.

Avoid Mess


Provide the butcher with enough storage bags or boxes for meat. So he doesn’t pile up on the ground.  Also, have a dedicated space or bin to dispose of animal waste and guts. It will keep the place clean, and you will have lesser chances of bacterial infection.

Have Clean Drains




First things first! After the slaughtering, wash the place thoroughly with ample water and detergent to scrub off any bloodstains and meat particles. The place will be tidy, there will be no smell, and flies would not contaminate the premises.

Moreover, check your drain for stuffed residue. If the drains are not cleaned, particles can stick up there, and germs can grow to spread a foul smell all around the place. Pour disinfectants or chemical compounds to drain off any chance of germs production.

We are sure that by following these tips, we can minimize the danger of any infection and enjoy Eid with our loved ones. The day is to spread love, but with precaution, we can also ensure safety.

Don’t forget to include the unfortunate community in your sacrifices.

From IHARent have a blessed Eid. Eid Mubarak!

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