What is included in a furnished home?

A fully furnished house means you can move in without buying furniture or other tangible household goods. It is ready to fulfill your living needs. It does not include perishable items of the grocery, food and other personal things. Chairs, tables, curtains, sofas, carpets, and rugs are some of the times which come under the price you paid up front.

Is it better to rent a furnished house than an unfurnished place?

The answer is yes. We live in times when time is of the essence. Modern living has certain requirements – one of them is to live smartly. Furnished housing is part of the smart living initiative. The world is changing at a fast pace in which smart cities are evolving as model cities.

You don’t need to buy furniture, and, instead spend time and energy on more important things such as relationships, family, work and other commitments. We got you covered with up-to-date ready to live homes in a few clicks.

Furnished living flows through the housing system as running water flows through the canal system.

Do I have to pay more rent for furnished apartments?

It is not about rent in most cases. It is about convenience and delivery of services at the right time. The rent is not exactly similar to unfurnished settings but our goal is to keep you stress-free and accommodate you. Immediate Home Accommodation (IHA) facilitates and activates convenience at the right moment.

How much does it cost to rent a 3-bedroom house?

Most of our clients are families looking for small, medium and large houses to live in. The prices are subject to change according to market trends and so on and so forth. Get in touch with us to know the latest prices. We will make sure you get the best deal in town without much hassle.

The estimated rent of a 3-bedroom furnished house falls in between 30, 000 to 100,000 PKR depending upon the location, area, and interior settings.

Is your rent higher than Zameen.com and OLX?

It is comparable to them, however, the quality, services and moral obligation towards you, as a customer, is what makes us stand out from the rest. We encourage deals and discourage deadlocks, and 9 times out of 10, you will find better deals at IHA. Zameen.com and OLX have a different scope and offer a mixed menu with furnished offerings as one part of it.

Can you place my house on rent on your site?

Talk to any of our representatives on the phone and discuss details with them. We love to cater to new clients in terms of renting out furnished houses and bringing new furnished houses on board. The rules of engagement in real estate suggest an ideal balance between the two for seamless operations.

How long does it take to get a furnished apartment?

It depends on the availability but if you want to start living in metropolitan cities like Lahore, instantly, give us a call and we’ll set things in motion. It is what we advise to our current clients, not to wait until the last moment to make the call. Tell us beforehand so we activate the process of furnished house search and find the desired home.

Are you on social media?

We are and you can click the social media buttons on the home page to visit those pages. Kindly follow, like, share and subscribe to us.

Search for Immediate Home Accommodation (IHA) to find us on social media.

Is your service available in Lahore or other cities as well?

We are currently running operations in Lahore, but if you live in another city, please come forward as we may be able to help. The ultimate goal is to expand and cover as many areas and locations as possible. Of course, we may feel bound for the time being, but perseverance and passion not to give up drives us further towards the finish line.

Why is the property in Lahore so expensive?

There are several factors to the property crossing the affordable line. Low-income families can’t afford to buy land or property in posh areas of Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. Many other cities come after these three major ones where land and materials to build houses are getting out of pocket's reach. Let's hope that Imran Khan has a plan to discontinue the continuous rise in property prices.

However, the category of small houses assists those with minimal finances. The three, five and the seven marla houses register safety to smaller families in decent rates.

DHA, Askari 10, and Askari 11 are locations for high-end living. They boast luxury, comfort, and room for physical sports activity. Get to your dream home in a few clicks at Immediate Home Accommodation (IHA).

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