The Untold Story

Furnished Houses for Rent in DHA: The Untold Story

I know you would be thinking that this story has been told many times, that you are familiar with it already. But in my defense, I would say that I’ll be discussing those aspects of housing in DHA that haven’t been discussed before.


Since furnished houses for rent in DHA Lahore are a hot commodity everywhere in the country, we will discuss how to acquire them, first, and then, what can you expect in that environment.


I can’t say if you already know about it, but for me and most of us, it would be new information. The Defence Housing Authority throws light on the discipline of our armed forces in letter and spirit. It is a community that is reflective of organization, neatness and, above all, top of the line security.


Enhanced Sense of Community Living and Security


Now that we are in 2020, the housing sector is only going to expand as we move on. It implies the construction of buildings, apartment complexes, houses, and societies across Pakistan. When we talk about expansion, DHA has expanded like no other society in Lahore. My speculation suggests an increase in the population of Lahore; thus, leading to a greater demand for fully furnished houses for rent in DHA.


On the other hand, the place has been knit and carved to perfection with designs that are modern yet traditional. The mosques have airconditioned units and thick rugs to pray on comfortably. The washrooms for public use are strictly supervised to maintain cleanliness according to international standards. At least, that’s what is expected of them to deliver the cleanest spaces around.


Not only there is something for adults but babies too can live on their terms in Defence. They have daycare centers where the well-trained staff is present to take care of babies. Therefore, moms are in for a treat; they can do their chores or go grocery shopping more often than not.


Parks and Recreational Facilities at Walking Distance


With DHA as an example community for others to follow, the Defence club came into existence on the name of recreation. It offers the best dining experience, event management, swimming pool, and gym facility to its members. Furthermore, wedding ceremonies and other occasions are celebrated regularly in halls and installed marquees.


When there is a talk about recreation, you can never leave the parks behind. Parks in Defence is maintained on another level. For instance, they’ll be green, clean and most of the time filled with people of all ages unlike the parks in other communities. Hence, furnished houses for rent in DHA offer a world of fun and an out of body experience through them.


1-Kanal Furnished House for Rent in DHA Lahore at 175,000 PKR Per Month


The house that we are talking about is 1-Kanal furnished house for rent in DHA Lahore. However, it is never vacant, and the rent for a month stays at 175,000 PKR per month. In case customers want it for a few days, the rent per day is 17,500 PKR as of now. In spite of the high rent, it is one of the most-sought-after places we have in the heart of Lahore.


Similarly, potential customers can find 5-marla furnished apartments for rent in DHA through IHA Rent. Immediate Home Accommodation begins with IHA Rent and covers popular areas like Defence, Gulberg, Model Town, and Township.


The covered area varies between 5-marla, 1-Kanal, and 2-Kanal of fully furnished houses for rent in DHA Lahore. A 2-Kanal house would cost you over PKR 300,000 of rent per month easily. As real estate and property consultants, it is our job to facilitate our clients and to arrange for them the best places in Lahore. Nothing beats quality and humility in service. We are all ears the moment you pick up the phone and dial us in. The number 0322 4162355 is open Monday through Friday; it is also available on WhatsApp.


Furnished apartment for rent in DHA Lahore is not too hard to get once you know where to look for it. To read a few tips by a real estate agency, go through 4 tips for choosing the right furnished houses on rent, a blog post we wrote in the past.

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