Houses on Rent in Lahore

Top 5 Areas to Find Furnished Houses on Rent in Lahore

The bustling city of Lahore is one of the safest cities in Pakistan. Foreigners or foreign-returned Pakistanis often love to live in this historical city because of the better facilities and secure living.

If you are interested in moving to Pakistan permanently or temporarily for work or study purposes, furnished houses on rent are the best solution for your accommodation problem.

By renting a furnished house/apartment, one does not have to worry about setting the house.

An already beautifully furnished house for rent awaits you; you just have to shift your stuff without the hustle and enjoy ready-to-move-in accommodation facility.

Given the security situation and easy access to modern facilities like electricity, sanitation, cleanliness, and others, the following list of areas is perfect for foreigners for getting well-furnished houses and apartments on rent.

1. DHA – Defence Housing Authority

DHA is everything that a foreigner looks for. This relatively new area of Lahore has wide roads, excellent cleanliness, and calmness as compared to the other busy areas. The society keeps on developing in several phases being phase 1 the oldest.

With each new phase, living facilities are getting better and better. This place is surely one to look out for a furnished house on rent in Lahore.

2. Model Town

This place is full of beautiful lush green parks. The nearby shopping areas are great and some of them are well-known main markets in Lahore.

This place is also close to central Lahore, so you do not have to travel for hours to reach to another side of town. Rental prices are relatively lower in this area, but the living standard is worth investing in. Hence, this place ticks all the right boxes while searching for a furnished house on rent.

3. Cantt – Cantonment

Cantonment area is the army area and to be honest it is very difficult to find a pre-furnished on rent here because most of the houses are occupied by army officials. The houses are not very lavish, but the environment is quite secure and peaceful.

4. Askari

Many housing societies are developed along with the airport road, and askari is one of them.

Well-designed infrastructure with all the facilities like parks and schools are present at a nearby distance. The architecture of buildings is modern, and this area offers reasonable accommodation for foreigners. So do not shy away from renting a furnished house/apartment here.

5. Canal Housing Societies

Alongside canal, going towards Thoker Niaz Baig (motorway), several modern housing societies are being developed. Such as Eden Villas and Canal View.

These areas have state-of-the-art shopping centers, plazas, fitness centers, and much more. Different furnished houses can be rented here within budget.

Lahore is developing at a fast pace. So, foreigners can enjoy standard living here quite comfortably. They often hesitate to rent a house, but in the above-mentioned areas, one does not have to think twice if it is safe living there or not.

IHA Rent believes finding a reasonable house on rent can be difficult for someone not familiar with Lahore. Therefore, we took this responsibility on behalf of interested tenants and designed a website to find a furnished house on rent in Lahore.

With user-friendly features, one can easily fill in details or look for a furnished house for rent on the responsive map. With no hidden charges, IHA Rent makes things furnished house/apartment hunting easy.

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