How to Stay Safe While Shifting to a New Place During Pandemic?

Are you wondering, if your moving-in or moving-out plans will suffer during the COVID-19 pandemic? If yes, this article is for you.

Due to travel restrictions and social distancing instructions, we are adapting to new ways of living, and moving into a newly furnished house is one of them.

Events have been canceled, and schedules have been rescheduled, but people who already had plans to move into furnished houses in DHA for rent in Lahore can’t stay inactive for a long time.

We say, with some extra effort and a little precaution, people can still carry on their activities. Given below are some of the tips that can help you with a stress-free and seamless moving-in process.

Try to Do It Yourself


Although, delivery services are very well-operational nationwide. But, try to manage stuff on your own if possible.

If not, list down all the transportation-moving companies in your area, share your details, ask about their sanitation procedures, the status of necessary precautionary measures, and the cancellation services procedure, and then make the right choice.

Limit Your Contact As Much as Possible

You contact a lot of people while moving out to pre-furnished houses/apartments. You shake hands, hand over their due cash and all.

From now on, forget all these gestures for obvious reasons. Go for an online payment system. If you’re in contact with a moving company, greet them with a smile instead of a traditional handshake method.

Don’t Rely on Others for the Precautionary Measures



Everyone in your contact, from the moving company to the agents of furnished houses for rent in DHA, everyone should abide by the precautionary measures. However, it’s not just their responsibility. Consider being extra careful, so that you and others remain protected from coronavirus while moving into a new place.

Disinfect surfaces and objects that are most touched such as doorknobs. Use hand sanitizer after in contact with others, wash your hands, and politely ask the workers to follow the same regime.

Avoid using contaminated stuff and carry out things in clean boxes.

Be Transparent to your Furnished House Agent



Communicate your needs or demands to the agent. Reach out to your neighbors via phone, so you can communicate your shifting dates beforehand to avoid any contact. You can also let them know the timings of your moving into the furnished house for rent so that everything goes smoothly according to the plan.

Having said about the precautionary tips, if you or your family members are suffering from coronavirus symptoms, postpone your moving-out plan and ensure a safe distance from others.  Because community safety is more important, moving into a furnished house can wait for some time.

This time is tough for everyone, and there is nowhere to escape. However, with precautions, tenants can get past this hurdle. Until then, you can search for accommodation at IHA Rent which is an online platform for furnished house hunting – indeed a safe way to search for furnished houses.

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