IHA Rent deems the privacy of its clients and website users very important.

The given privacy policy refers to all the collected information which is handled at the website of IHA Rent.

We May Ask For The Following Information From You.

While registering to this website or consulting for the offered services, we may require the following personal information.

Name, job title, business name, address details, gender, date of birth, bank account details, investment details, qualification, salary, employment history,  and more.

We ask for personal information only when it is necessary, in accordance with the required service from IHA Rent.

Information about Cookies

Cookie – a small piece of file is placed on your computer, every time you visit this website. It doesn’t have access to any kind of information placed on your computer. Session cookies are used for single web activity and are automatically deleted when you close the browser.

The Use of Personal Information

By personal information, we refer to the identity of an individual such as email, telephone number, taxation details, and financial information.

We save your information in soft copies and even in hard form.

We have implemented security parameters to protect your information, both physically and electronically.

Policy Regarding Disclosure of Information

We don’t disclose personal information to the third party to allow them to share material with you. However, we may share non-personal information for research or promotional purposes. It only happens in compliant with the privacy policy and depending upon the nature of clients’ engagement.

We only display relevant information to service providers, who are affiliated to us and may disclose your information for analytical purposes such as, to monitor and analyze the use of our services.

Business Transactions

We reserve the right to share important information to third-party service providers, who agrees with the terms and conditions and privacy policy of IHA Rent. It may be done for sales and merger purposes, and our clients will be notified.

Policy Regarding Governmental Inquiries

We reserve the right to share information as a responsibility to respond to the requested information by governmental authorities or when required by the law. We may not require your consent in such matters.

Changes to Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is in action on the current date. The policy may subject to change when required. We request our clients and users of IHA Rent to check this website on a regular basis to know about any changes.

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