Quarantine Diaries: DIY Office Desk Ideas to Work From Home

The coronavirus has restricted our lives. Businesses are shut, and we are forced to stay indoors. This time is hectic and precious at the same time. We can reconnect with our families and talk to long-forgotten friends via facetime. Amidst this chaos, most of us have to work from home, and work desks are becoming a necessity for employees who are working from home.

Maintaining a work-life balance while working from home is not everyone’s cup of tea. Often people find it challenging to keep up their productivity level at home. A simple way to ensure it by converting your favorite spot in furnished houses for renting a modern, lively working area with some simple tricks.

Budding entrepreneurs or freelancers, everyone needs a clean working space. The truth is not every one of us has large places to dedicate a room for an office, so, all we need is a small desk to get started with office work efficiently.

You can buy a desk for yourself or can go for DIY ideas to save your pocket.

If you’re living in furnished houses for rent, here are some ideas to make your desk that doesn’t require expert carpentry skills.

Sawhorse Desk


This desk consists of four legs and a wooden plank – a simple and elegant desk to make at home.

Metallic sawhorse desks are also available in markets if you want to buy a readymade one. Or, simply, you can buy a plywood plank and ask them to cut it as your desire to make it yourself.

Put the plank over the seahorse structure and nail it in place with a hammer and sand off sharp edges and rough splinters.

Makeshift Standing Desk


A makeshift standing desk is compatible, for a lot of reasons. This modern furniture looks elegant and is found in most furnished apartments for rent in Lahore. For workers who are used to working while standing, this table supports their needs.

It also supports any height of a chair or sofa, looks presentable, and it is not difficult to make at all. A kitchen counter, bookshelf, old dresser, and such furniture types can be made as makeshift standing desks.

If you have a study table or a computer table, you can add a folding table on top of it to adjust to your height. It is for ergonomic design and to put your arms comfortably.

This DIY desk is something that anyone would add for an artistic touch in the furnished houses for rent.

Windowsill Desk

This DIY is perfect for furnished apartments and houses for rent. The places are usually jam-packed with furniture, therefore don’t have much space left.

This DIY says to attach a wooden board to the bottom edge of your window and voila! You have a smart working area with a comforting view.

There are other ways to do it as well as placing furniture in front of your window (if you have free space in your window). However, if you like to be minimalistic, just fix a plank with a window and you have your table/sitting area for you.

You can take full advantage of fresh air and light, and work with consistency without taking up much place.

File Cabinet Desk

Sturdy file cabinets can be modified into modern workstations. Take two identical file shelves and place a plank over them. Adjust the height of the table as you desire. This DIY idea is not at all complicated plus you get free space for a laptop, charger, books, and other items.

These are just a few DIY ideas to make your desk and start working from home this quarantine. Not only these desks are stylish but also fit perfectly in well-furnished houses for rent. While being budget-friendly and creative, these desks will help you improve your productivity and focus.

So, tell us, aren’t these DIY desk ideas amazing? While you work from home this quarantine or any other day, these desks will help you set the right mood for work.

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