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Real Estate Diary: Furnished Houses for Rent Near Me

A house is a place where we unwind, and let it all out after a hectic day. It is like our shield against anything that goes wrong while we are outside.

Furnished houses for rent near me” query on Google takes us to places in Lahore near our current location where we can choose from among a range of furnished houses.

As for the prices of these beautiful houses are concerned, they vary and so do their rents. If the real estate market is booming, the rents start high and don’t come down easily.

When there is a slump, the rates do come down but don’t stay that way for long because the property sector is rewarding in general.

Today’s diary takes us to some populous areas of Lahore where the city shines on the horizon like a blooming star. These areas are high in demand and low on compromised living. Nobody lives there because they have to but because they want to. The power of choice gives us the freedom to live in the place of our dreams. That is where we are headed to in this article.


1. Gulberg for Flats, Portions, and Rooms


It is an area of polished living where people with a certain taste have lived for centuries. Obviously, it wasn’t called Gulberg long ago, but only after Pakistan came into existence in 1947. The area flaunts class and furnishes an array of shopping malls, centers, plazas, restaurants, hotels, parks, and recreational facilities. Hence, it is an absolute joy to live there.

Gulberg as a whole is divided into three regions: Gulberg I, II and III. The trend of looking for a furnished apartment is hotter than that of looking for a furnished house in Gulberg. Therefore, tenants have a better chance of finding flats for rent in Gulberg, Lahore.

People from across the country and abroad come to Lahore for various reasons. Some are here to study since the education level of the city surpasses others, while others are here for sight-seeing. The rich traditional heritage of the city goes back to the Mughals to whom we attribute the famous Lahore Fort and the King’s Mosque (Badshahi Masjid).

Enjoy the city to the core by living in a fully furnished apartment in Gulberg, Lahore and familiarize yourself with its culture and food. Food is always a motivating factor for travelers.


2. Johar Town for Apartments and Portions on Rent


The second area that is worthy of living is Johar Town. It is named after the famous Indian-Muslim activist and leader, Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar. It wasn’t developed until the late 90s and early 2000s, but if you look at it now, the place is packed with houses of all sorts. Not only you can find furnished houses for rent, but flats for rent in Johar Town have become the next running trend.

OLX Lahore is the go-to place when we talk about buying, renting or selling a house. However, the lucidity that IHA Rent brings to the table is off the charts, especially when it comes to furnished houses for rent in areas like DHA (Phase 8), Model Town, Township and Askari.


3.Defence Housing Authority (DHA) for Furnished Houses for Rent


With DHA, we come to our third and final area under discussion. It is the most talked-about location where people live in neatly constructed small, medium and large units. The area boasts class, greenery, and spacious fun outlets, and everything that life has to offer. If you want a house in DHA, IHA Rent has ready to live furnished houses for rent in DHA for locals and travelers alike.

Studio apartments are never out of fashion, and Defence, the most happening place in Lahore has got plenty of them.

Since the location is pristine and houses are furnished to perfection, life is good. From the moment you land to the time you have the house keys in your hand, a real estate agent must get you settled in. At IHA Rent, we offer a full suite of services to our clients.

While looking for furnished apartments for rent in DHA, Lahore, a good broker doesn’t settle until the clients find houses of their choice. That’s the way to go and the right approach!

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