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When the Going Gets Tough, IHA Rent Gets Going!

Similar to the case of battle-hardened Pakistan, a country that is at war with terrorist elements both within and outside its borders, IHA Rent comes to the rescue of those in search of furnished houses on rent.


How? Because we have been doing this for a long time.


As a real estate giant in the making, the company has had the honor to serve many people with furnished houses for rent in DHA, Model Town, Township, and other posh localities. I don’t think there is any place in Lahore that we don’t cater to. It is our goal to serve in every location to both local and international clients with houses that are most suited to their needs.


Moving on, part of the plan is to develop an understanding among the local communities that the real estate sector is reliable and can be trusted with their capital. The property market is flawed like any other industry in Pakistan. It is hard for people to trust again once the chain of trust is broken. However, one of the solutions to a prosperous and progressive Pakistan is to revive the trust element in the real estate sector.


Furnished Houses Save Time


When we don’t have to look for furniture, everything else starts making perfect sense. For example, we can give more time to our loved ones, whom we value the most. It is difficult to tend to people we love when we are busy with work or something else. Hence, while your partners need the attention they deserve, furnished houses for rent are a big time-saver, and I won’t be wrong if I say, relationship-rebuilder.


If you’re a new couple and all your attention is on saving money, furnished houses for rent in DHA pose the right opportunity for you. Not only does the location signifies safety, but the whole ambiance is good for your initial relationship building.


What do you say?


I am sure you agree with me.


We can be reached at 0322 416 2355. The good news is that this number is also on WhatsApp for you to message us at any time.


No More Worry of Burglars



IHA Rent offers houses and furnished flats on rent in ideal locations where it is hard for burglars to break in and steal anything. For instance, houses or apartments are not built in locations that are way out of the mainland. When you see a house, you look for another one close by. And when you don’t see a house nearby, you don’t feel confident enough to live there.


IHA Rent strives for a better tomorrow by providing furnished houses/apartments on rent in bustling areas. I am not saying that they are thief-proof, all I am saying is that you have other residents nearby.


Enough Space for Residents


The spacious houses are a treat to live in if you ask me. But then again, you have to see for yourself to believe. Most apartments which are a story or two higher from the ground also have two to three rooms to settle down rather comfortably. That leaves you with plenty of room to unwind, relax, and have a good time.


The kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, lawns, pantries, drawing/dining and living rooms all have a special feel to them. One, they have the right furniture, and second, it is almost new. You see, once the client leaves a house, it goes through a series of remodeling steps to turn into a new house altogether.


We invite you to visit us and choose the house of your choice. To look for 10 to 15 Marla houses, I suggesting visiting would be worth your time.


Top 5 areas to find furnished houses on rent in Lahore explains some of the best areas to live in Lahore. Leave comments below once you’re done reading.

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